Monday, June 19, 2006

Chomsky on Iran

In this op-ed piece in The Guardian, Noam argues that a negotiated settlement with Iran is the only sane answer to the current stand-off.

He makes a number of telling points, and gives a quick summary of the United States' changing position vis-a-vis Iran's pursuit of nuclear power as that country moved from being a U.S. ally to a member of the Axis of Evil.

Personally, I suspect Iran will get the bomb, and the U.S. will simply back off in the same way they did with Pakistan and North Korea.


Anonymous said...

Just another fucking Chamberlain appeasemnt monkey who would lick a terorists ass to avoid thinking they actually might kill you.

Long live lefty-think, the more you morons delude yourself about how smart you are, the more the citizenry votes for common sense conservative governments.

Anonymous said...

Because living in a land where nobody pays taxes, big business calls the shots, and half the population is in jail=common sense.

Steve said...

Chomsky shows as much understanding about Iran, as Bush does.