Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rumour: Reporter Who Broke Robocon Story Booted From Manning Conference Party!

Source.  Confirmed here (M. Rowe from Ipolitics)  among other places.

PS.  On a related matter, don't get too excited by Coyne's column from yesterday, mourning how the CPoC's has lost its principles.  He's been writing the same piece for years now.  They still let him into their events, which means that being reamed by Coyne, for a CPoC hardcore, is a bit like being spanked by your grandma.  It doesn't hurt that much.  It isn't meant to.

Update: Dawg has some details that I missed, including the fact that Glen McGregor of the Ottawa Citizen was there and left the party in solidarity with Maher.


  1. You journalists are so full of yourselves you think the news is all about you. Get over it. You are not the centre of the Universe.

  2. I am not a journalist.

  3. Guess Robo-call has run its course

    What will be next from our professional crisis makers?

  4. Louise prefers to get her news from Reformacon talking points. It's easier to not have to think.

  5. Anti-Tory messages during an election campaign?

    Say it isn't so, Dwayne!

  6. I consider "Anti-Tory messages" public service announcements.

  7. Guess this throwin' folks out and falsely equating fact-based calls to misleading fraudulent ones is what (a) democracy (centre) looks like.


  8. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Robo calls are legal.

    Breaking the law isn't.

  9. I see the cheater party folks are out trying to excuse their crimes because someone badmouthed their candidates.

    I can't believe how well Rae is handling this. He keeps releasing admissions of minor shenanigans and the CPC takes the bait every time, trying to convince Canadians that cheating is ok because the Liberals can be politically incorrect. When the 60% aren't rolling their eyes, they're laughing at the antics of the CPC buffoons.

    Rae understands the Harpocrites won't be defeated by boring ethics issues. They'll be defeated because Canadians can no longer look at the CPC and keep straight faces.

  10. Once more the "progressives" get it wrong.

    Another reason to stop jumping to conclusions. But the media, and some others, believe the worst because it confirms their preconceived notion of the world.

  11. Who gets it wrong, Dwayne? The link you provide is to the same outfit the reported the original story.
    But the story doesn't wash. The event was advertised as open to anyone with $20.

  12. Another reason to stop jumping to conclusions. But the media, and some others, believe the worst because it confirms their preconceived notion of the world.

    Gee, you're right. There's nothing suspicious about an organization associated with the Conservative party kicking out a journalist who broke one of the biggest scandals for the government out of an open party. Nothing suspicious about singling Maher out from a group of journalists and asking him for a laynard. And it doesn't fit a pattern of Conservatives ejecting people from their gatherings who aren't die-hard Conservatives.

    We may have jumped to some sort of conclusion, but as Coyne notes, the reputation of the Conservative party isn't the best right now.

  13. @Lenny, did you even read the story? Maher was the one who said it was a misunderstanding... So, the media that got up on its hind legs runs away with its tail between its legs, again. Just like robocall... wait for it.

    Enjoy the echo chamber folks.

  14. Yes, Maher says it was a misunderstanding. And your point is...