Friday, June 28, 2013

Your Daily Nazi: Will McCorkell's Coins Become Nazi Loot?

I see the story about Canadian chemist Robert McCorkell 's wlling his estate, including a collection of ancient coins, to the National Alliance has gained some traction in the MSM, although its been floating around white nationalist websites for five or six years now (warning: link goes to Stormfront). Here's a good piece on why McCorkell's estate may never wind up in the hands of the Alliance.

Out of curiosity, I searched around  for a few shots from his collection.  Below's one from when they were housed at the University of Saskatchewan museum of Antiquities:

Silphion/Silphium: Cyrenean Gold Drachm

This one is labelled asAncient Libyan coin (Kyrene, 322–308 BC, gold drachm)

Here's another:
It was subject of a U-of-Sask. experiment to determine its provenance, and is probably Greek or Roman.

Pity if the fate of these coins was to wind up helping  finance a hate group.


deb said...

Most folks leave their loot of ancient coins to museums, too bad. The coins look very cool, and the idea that a nazi group will sell them to spread hate and terror, well its repellent.
Esp since said group was falling in numbers and influence, this will definitely help bolster the bastards!

Unknown said...
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