Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ezra Meets The Truth, Lies To Its Face

Ezra's back in Dutch with the Alberta Law Society for an alleged breach of their professional standards.  He writes in his own defense:

To my knowledge the decision to prosecute me is unprecedented. ...I’m not even a practicing lawyer. I’m a journalist who happens to be trained in the law. 

Well, no, this is not the case.  From the proceedings of his appeal, some words from R. Sharma on behalf of the complaintant:

I think he's referring to Lund V. Boissoin, which wound up in 2012.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll

The world should have ended the next morning.  There was really nothing left to say, rock & roll wise.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life In Scarborough: The Great Scarborough Storm Of July, 2015--An Eye Witness Account!!

I was sitting in my favorite workin' man's pub in The Scar when it hit!  Sideways rain, hail, patio umbrellas falling over!  The works! Total fuckin' Apocalypse!

Later, making my way South down Markham road through the wreckage, I saw this!
This isn't the tree that fell at Lawrence and Scarborough Golf Club Road that everyone's talking about.  No!  This is ANOTHER TREE!  In a POORER PART OF SCARBOROUGH that the Media Party pays no attention to.  BUT TREES STILL FALL HERE!  whether the CBC or anyone else cares or not!

And I actually sat down at the bus shelter that this tree had fallen on top of, and I could hear ominous creeking and cracking noises.  This sucker could give way any time!  And its laying across live wires, so innocent bus riders underneath could get crushed and electrocuted all at once!  OMG!!!  OMG!!!  OMG!!!

But we're tough out here in The Scar, which we also call The Bro (for reasons I won't elucidate at the moment).  We'll come back from this!  We will rise again!!!

PS.   That's me in the picture.  I've got a few shots without, but it provides scale (my head is about nine inches wide) and my wife said I looked sexxxy.