Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sometimes Scarborough Makes Me Proud

For example today,  nursing a beer in a pub in the heart of Ford Nation, I overheard several working-class types discussing the CPP.  They quite rightly observed that the current government's plan to raise the retirement age to 67 was really just a way of giving you a few more years to die before they had to pay you. Surprisingly enough, this was something they were OK with.  In fact, one fellow suggested that Canadian old people should have their walkers armed with .30 mm cannons and be parachuted into Iraq where they could fight ISIS and also thin out the herd of Canadian old people, thus freeing up ill-gotten loot so it might be distributed to the Millenial Generation, who might otherwise spend their entire adult lives flipping burgers at McDs.

Their reasoned discourse  brought a tear to my eye.

PS.  Actually, they didn't explicitly draw a connection between dropping old people on Iraq & helping the youth of today.  They just seemed to like the idea of throwing old people out of planes.  But, whether they realized or not, their views were objectively progressive.

Gruending On The CRA Audits

From his latest:

The government, however, has sent unmistakable signals that it wants a crackdown. Recent federal budgets have provided the CRA with an additional $13 million in special funding to undertake such audits at a time when the government was slashing the CRA’s budget by $250 million over three years, forcing the layoff of hundreds of auditors. Jim Flaherty, the former finance minister, issued a warning to charities in 2013. “If I were an environmental charity using federal money, tax-receipted money for political purposes, I would be cautious.” Others went considerably farther in their criticism and warnings. Joe Oliver, the natural resources minister, warned about the “radical agenda” of environmental groups, and former minister Peter Kent said the groups were “laundering” offshore funds to promote foreign interests.

As a side-note, a number folks including me got on Matt Guerney of The National Post for an error in one of his recent columns.  Matt claimed that several environmental groups had already been found guilty of abusing their charitable status but, if you note the last line, he was later driven to admit that this is not the case.  Of course, even when shown that he make a bugger-up on the facts, Matt's opinion of the issue (which might best be summarized as: Go CRA!  Kick them hippies!) remained unchanged.  As I noted below:

Friday, August 15, 2014

It Must Be Sad To Be A Part Of The Sad Sad Dying Media In The Hot Hazy Days Of Summer

...having to hack out words when you'd rather be boozing it up pool-side, being forced into sad sad stunts like this, or being forced to respond to them like they're at the same level as the discovery that Canada is secretly parachuting troops into Namibia, all the time sweating it out in an un-airconditioned newsroom while waiting for the Internet to come take your job.

It all just seems very sad.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Ron Banerjee

...for acting up at Ford Fest.  Don't have details as yet, other than its been filed with 41 Division, but it is more than a rumour.  Will update when I hear more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ezra And The Duffster

Straight from Frank; Mike Duffy apparently paid him to write speeches:
Oddly enough, this makes me think better of Ezra; I always assumed that his money came entirely from dad.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oldest Existing Map Of Britain, Dating From 1360, Resembles Giant Penis!

I'm not joking.  It does.  Fact of history.  Roughly the same color, too.

The Big Sh*t: What Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson Have Taken

The vaunted Big Shift is indiscernible, with all evidence pointing in the opposite direction. It appears that the Canadian public are now moving to the centre and left and this may arguably be a response to increasing fatigue to being governed from the right when Canadians are actually moving in a more progressive direction.  Far from there being any apparent ascendance of the Conservatives as the new natural governing party, their reign appears to be closing and the recent surprising (though not to us) election of majority Liberal governments in Canada’s two largest provinces, may well be a harbinger of the end of the period of conservative political dominance in Canada.

Meanwhile, the triumphant Ontario Conservative Party, whose resounding election victory last June only Darrel Bricker's Ipsos Public Affairs predicted, will soon...Oh wait! They got their asses handed to them and are  making plans to elect a new loser...I mean leader...  

Anyway, we shouldn't get cocky, just like that guy says in Pacific Rim before he gets eaten by the giant Kaiju.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Rob Anders New Gig: Smitin' The Infidel For YOU, Bow River Alberta!

Some background on Rob's latest adventures here.