Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

IPCC Chair Rajendra K Pachauri Steps Down

The right thing to do, whatever the truth of the sexual harassment charges against him.  And in this case it was starting to look like there might have been some fire under all that smoke.

Very Little Separates The Parties On Bill C-51

A twitter argument I had with NDP MP for Newton - North Delta  Jinny Sims:
She retreated then, knowing perhaps that her ass had been kicked.

But the bottom line is that before the bill's inevitable passage the NDP will do a little dance like this, and the LPC will do a little dance like that.  In a sense the LPC's position is the more honest of the two.   The NDP clearly sees some good in the bill, otherwise they would promise something beyond a mere tweaking once they got in power.  But then why try to kill it now and have to start all over again to achieve an mostly identical result?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life In Scarborough: Mormons In The Storm

Waiting for a bus that had got stuck behind a line of plows this afternoon, way out in Scarborough, I ran into a couple of Mormons who were using the occasion to proselytize at the TTC stop.  "Have you ever had a chance to read The Book of Mormon?" one of them asked me.  "I did,' I said.  "I turned it down."

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ouch! Spring Election Coming?

Retail sales fell 2.0% to $42.1 billion in December. This was the largest decline since April 2010.

A bad Xmas season means more layoffs at, closures, bankruptcies, and etc.  You notice the Harper  gov. doesn't talk economics much anymore?  You notice how they've switched to Muslim bashing and fear mongering?  Look ye above for one of the reasons.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Pat Martin Affair: Straight Talk, Lost Gonch

So Pat Martin arrives in the HOC today looking disgruntled, uncomfortable.  In the middle of this morning's session, during a vote on a motion to salute Canada's Crappie fishermen, he sneaks out, comes back a little bit later...at ease and smiling!  Turns out his underwear was too tight, but they're better now!  So what happened during the missing minutes?  Nobody from the Media Party has bothered to inquire!  Did Pat Martin discard his gonch?  Does his junk-catcher haunt the halls of Parliament?  Was he walking around all afternoon commando style?

And on issues like this is where we start to miss the Sun News Network.  If they'd been around, Brian Lilley would have led in a whole team (wearing Hazmat suits!) to search for the missing, like he did when CBC lost a chair in '011. And, shit, if it had been rumored that the underwear had fled to Budapest to join ISIS, SNN would have sent David Akin over to spy out the place for a couple of weeks, staying at fine hotels, eating street food in the markets.  Because SNN did news, man, don't say otherwise.  And when they did news they did it hard.

I'm really starting to miss those guys.