Saturday, August 22, 2020

IDEAS THAT MATTER: The COVID Crisis--Are The Youths Trying to Kill Us?

I have often felt sad over the state of The Youths.  What with robots coming for their jobs and Climate Change, their future seems lacking.  But by the time its obvious that their lives will be a dystopian dead-end I will myself be retired and tucked safe away in a cottage somewhere, so I was never arsed enough to do anything about it.  Maybe that makes me  part of the problem.  

That aside,  the way the youths are misbehaving these days in regards to COVID-19--having parties and unprotected sex and then coming home and coughing on their elders...Well, I suspect a conspiracy.  They're engaging in Wealth Redistribution by stealth.  Go to your sex party, then later visit grandma and give her a hug.  Cough discretely.  If nothing happens, then nothing happens.  If she goes, maybe she left you a wad of cash, or maybe she left you The Daltons (fancy teacups, worth a wad of cash).


lungta said...

"it is hard to threaten a man with death if he has nothing to live for"...
chinese proverb
its been called boomer remover from the beginning
but like second hand smoke
just not really accurate

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