Friday, May 19, 2006

Bosnian Pyramid Looking More Like a Real Pyramid

It appears that amateur archeologist Semir Osmanagic is right and his detractors wrong. There is a very large, very ancient pyramid-like structure buried under a hill in the Visoko valley, 30km north of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Or at least, he has managed to convince one Egyptian expert that there is something real to be uncovered on the site. From the Independent OnLine:

Sarajevo - An Egyptian geologist who has joined Bosnian researchers unearthing what are thought to be Europe's first pyramids believes they bear similar hallmarks to the ancient structures in his homeland, an official said on Wednesday. Aly Abd Alla Barakat, of the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority, believes large stone blocks found near Sarajevo were man-made and polished in the same way as the pyramids of Giza, said the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation's Mario Gerussi.

I've blogged on the pyramid here, and the official website of the expedition can be found here, with some fairly compelling looking photos. I will try and check on the legitimacy of Mr. Barakat, but if this should prove legit, it will be quite literally the archeological find of the millennium. If its a fake (because certainly Mr. Osmanagic is a little wingy) then we'll all be marveling at those crazy Bosnians.

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