Friday, May 26, 2006

Harper Retreats on Kyoto?

Several reports, here and here, suggest that the Tories have beat a mini-retreat on the Kyoto Protocol. The Canadian delegation either "agreed to the next step", that is to negotiate a second phase to Kyoto, or at least "kept a low profile" and didn't play an actively obstructionist role at the Bonn climate conference. Why? According to Greenpeace, the Tories "been taken aback by the international and Canadian response to their preposterous position on Kyoto."

Would that it were true, but I suspect this is a mere tactical retreat to repair some of the damage Rona Ambrose and Co. have done to themselves onthe issue. In the end, I suspect, the Conservative Policy will resemble the Liberal Policy under Paul Martin. They'll talk a big game but do nothing.

But I suppose we must take our victories where we can get them on this front.

So Cheers, Greenies.

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Anonymous said...

well well well, cooler heads prevail?

oh dear, let's not let it get so bad that ambrose has to wear dark glasses in parliament after her sojourn ;)