Saturday, August 18, 2012

Postmedia Exits The Propertied Class, Rents Space In Soulless Skyscraper

The National Post's new digs will be 365 Bloor Street East.   The puff-piece says:

The company has signed a 15-year lease to occupy “several” floors of the 19-storey office building at the Bloor Street East and Sherbourne intersection. The area is dotted with many of Canada’s top media and advertising companies and is the country’s most high-end retail strip.

You know, though, when I look at the area on Street-view I see two pharmacies, a Swiss Chalet, and a McDs.  But whatever.  Apparently there's a paint-ball facility in the building somewhere, and on the upper floors a radical mosque that calls everyone to prayer nine times a day through loudspeakers drilled into the side of the facade itself.  Presumably, Postmedia will want those removed when they "re-brand" the site. Good luck with that.   I am also told that the building will be renamed the Lookout Below Tower, in honor of Postmedia's stock price.

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meddy said...

Hey, the stock price went up 62% 10 days ago, based on 500 shares volume that day, & has been holding steady all week at $1.14.
Seriously, is there any hope of the chain unlinking so that we can have some quality local papers?
Think of Vancouver, both papers owned by Postmedia -- no wonder people read
The National Post seems to be getting better, or at least is countenancing the possiblity of climate change.
The best thing about the Post is that it makes the G &M look good -- or better, -- or less worse.