Monday, October 22, 2012

Congrats To Richard Warman

On Saturday Ottawa Centre NDP MP Paul Dewar gave out two politically-charged [Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee] medals, one to outspoken defence analyst Steven Staples of the left-leaning Rideau Institute and another to former Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyer Richard Warman, who has been vilified by some conservatives for his advocacy of hate-speech [prosecutions].

Meanwhile (from the article through the link) Torys are handing out these same medals to jail-birds. Apparently they hide them inside of cakes when they visit or, according to one rumor I've heard, they "hoop 'em".  Google that one.

 But why spoil the vibe with grotty details?  Good going Richard.  I hear those medals can get you into any disco in Ottawa.

PS. Reading it again, that last line is presumably a major bung-up on Glen McGregor's part.  Add "legislation" to the end of it and you're in the right ball-park.  And hopefully Mr. McGregor will make a quick change.  Otherwise the Leader-Post may inadvertently land in "get your balls sued off" territory.

PPS. Change made.  I've added the correction in square brackets.

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