Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hate Speech Complaint Against Ezra Levant To Be Submitted To Police

From the Jewish Tribune, but not yet on line:
I'll probably write more about this story eventually, as it tries to play the "Anti-Israel" card against Ms. Csanyi - Robah on some pretty weak grounds, and also insinuates that Bernie Farber (noted above) is somehow up to something nefarious.  But right now its only available at Shaidle's place, and I won't send traffic there.

Sun TV's reaction to all this should be interesting to watch.  I'm told they've got a lawyer that pours over Ezra's material, but that he missed the "Roma Rant" because he's primed to look for defamation, not hate speech.  Their official grovelling apology  sounded a bit like they were washing their hands of Mr. Levant.


the salamander said...

I don't get it.. Is Mr Levant trying to impress or punish his mommy or daddy or family ? Shock his dim associates at Ethically Oily, or dazzle his equally dim peers in The Harper Government? Is he simply trying for a Senate appointment ? Is he reading this stuff from a tele-prompter ?

Does he need help for mood disorders ? I see folks walking down the street and shouting angry words at complete strangers.. an aspect of Tourette's Syndrome.. Is it possible he was traumatized as a youth at a circus ? Perhaps frightened by the elephants.. There are many excellent treatment modalities today ... Cognitive Therapy, medications..

If he's just a mean spirited dishonest mouthy partisan prick with nothing good to say about anyone.. I'm afraid there may not be effective treatments for that. But surely there are potential federal ridings where the Conservative Party would see him as a perfect fit.

Reality Bites said...

Speaking of Sun TV, on the most recent episode of Dragons' Den a would-be entrepreneur mentioned that he'd ran ads for his service on Sun TV and O'Leary responded "So it was seen by 4 people and a dog" and the entrepreneur said, "Yes, that was a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Canada has become an even more, putrid pit of corruption, since Harper's so called majority, which wasn't.

Levant fits right in with Harper's bizarre, ranting, raving dingbat Ministers. Hitler's henchman had nothing on them. Listen to Goebbles ranting and raving speeches, and you have it.