Thursday, July 25, 2013

Justin On The Herb

Its not the policy itself that might get him in trouble; I suspect that the majority of Canadians support legalizing or a least decriminalizing marijuana, and I suspect that the party brain trust has polled and focus-grouped it and knows as much.  However, its a 2nd or 3rd tier issue at best and on its own won't win too many votes. Furthermore, the Tories, as I've argued before, will try to spin it as the LPC's main or only issue.  Indeed, they are already attempting that maneuver: Justin Trudeau’s Policy Priority – Legalizing Marijuana.  So care will have to be taken to lay out the other more substantive planks in the LPC platform in a timely fashion.  Otherwise, Irie.  Oh, and as for worries about the border:

PS.  Iggy, if anyone still remembers that guy, was pro-decrim, and he was the farthest you can get from a dirty hippy.


Koby said...

Whether it be foreign policy, economic policy, environmental policy or what have you, the vast majority of Canadians have neither the time, interest or background to talk about any them in depth. That will not change for the worse or for the better if the Liberals decide to champion an hot button issue -- that is an issue that Canadians actually want to talk about. As for being a second or third rate issue at best, the same kind of things were said about SSM and that was the one issue that Liberals have won hands down since 2005. If the Conservatives want to trot out bad argument after bad argument and run head long against the winds of generational change, pop the bubbly and goad them on.

MgS said...

The argument that legalizing marijuana gives the US an excuse to impede trade further is ridiculous.

The American "war on drugs" is a colossal failure. If they wish to make that an excuse to be even more difficult about trade and other cross-border business, that only serves to drive Canada to broaden its trade with other nations.

Frankly, that isn't a bad thing with the US hurtling towards a second civil war.