Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Life In Scarborough: I Think I Saw A Mink

They're all around T.O. apparently, but I was here:
...which is a fair distance from water (although there's a creek a few hundred yards North, if you look at the map). It came out of the bush to the left of the tracks, and slowly loped forward towards me standing on the bridge.  Like a fat ferret, or a scrawny ground-hog that had been stretched on the rack.   It took a good half hour, sniffing about on the gravel between the two sets of tracks pictured center-left, and it paused when it saw me standing about in the middle of this pic watching it.

And eventually it spied something in the bush stage right (South) and buggered off.  Here's what a mink looks like:
...which more or less fits what I saw, esp. the coloration.  Any other weaselly type creatures it might have been in T.O.? 


Lars said...

Ferret-sized or a bit bigger? White throat and chin? Sounds like a mink to me.
I saw one in downtown Windsor onec. Lots to eat in cities.

Simon said...

Hi BCL...it probably was a mink. Their numbers have been increasing, especially on the Toronto islands. I watched one fishing in the lake about a week ago and in the space of about 15 minutes it caught two fairly large fish, and what looked like a crayfish. I also suspect that they are taking quite a few ducklings, because their numbers are noticeably down.