Sunday, March 15, 2015

The National Post Should Fire That Anti-Vaxxer Prick

National Post columnist Lawrence Solomen is now running an anti-vaxxer website.  You can see it here.  This is from the "About us" section:

VaccineFactCheck, headed by Lawrence Solomon, is a project of Consumer Policy Institute.

The "Consumer Policy Institute" is also just more Solomon, another part of his "Energy Probe" network of  astro-turf groups pushing various corporate causes.

Now, Solomon probably wouldn't call it an anti-vaxxer site; he'd probably just claim he was trying to "teach the controversy".  But that is, of course, bullshit.  And after that whole thing with The Star's Gardisil article I thought the whole nation had come to the conclusion that this kind of ant-vaccine  fear mongering was beyond the pale.  But not the National Post, apparently.

So here's a call out to Andrew Coyne, who is apparently some kind of editorial big-wig over there at the NP these days:  fire Lawrence Solomen.  Ditch the kook.  Show some class.


jrkrideau said...

@ Deb Scott
Some people always have been ambivalent about science, large corporations etc, and quite honestly the behaviour of some corporations leaves all of them suspect. Tobacco is one extreme one, but there are lots more. Asbestos in Canada comes to mind.

Another is the Dunning-Kruger syndrome combined with the internet. People can "research" issues on the internet and form their own (uninformed) conclusions. They do not realise that they do not have the resources and training to evaluate the relevant research, heck, they probably don't have a clue how to find the research.

In Lawrence Soloman's case, who knows who is paying him or how he expects to make a profit but, from what I have read, he is a long-term science/technophobe. With this new endeavour it looks like he's a crank magnet as well.

deb said...

thanks for the response, and yes I agree!
but still wish folks could use some critical thought, nothing wrong with skepticism and trying to weigh all sides, but sometimes with certain folks...its more an exercise in finding logical fallacies and then labelling oneself a real outside the box thinker, instead of just uninformed.
in my little burg I am surrounded with people who say things like...."do the research" while nodding with superiority, but the the only research they do, is on websites that confirm their firmly held bias, over at natural news.
sure big oil, big tobacco, and big pharma have played despicable games with peoples health, and they can be considered untrustworthy.
but thats why we can take science, medical doctors and other informed opinions, not all are bought.
but yes the people have to get smarter about where they look, and everyone needs to to find reliable information and resources.