Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Short Note On A Long Election

This has risks for all parties.  The risks for the 2nd and 3rd parties are obvious.  They might run out of dough.  But it also has a downside for the CPC.  More is not always better when it comes to bombarding the airwaves with attack ads.  Once you've reached the saturation point you're just wasting money  And, remember, these guys are terrible when they don't have a script.  Now they have twice as much script to write, and airheads like Kory Teneycke are going to be the auteurs.  

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Anonymous said...

These Conservative just love getting paid for doing nothing.
This is just another example of a political party using public money for party purposes and it is fraud.
MPs should only be paid while they are in the House and not when they are elctioneering for their party. Now we get to waste twice the amount of money we pay them for them doing party work and that annoys me intensely. Add that to the 75% tax relief that party donations get and Harper and his seals are ripping off the majority of the Canadian people who never voted for him and wish he'd just go away.
It's a con.