Monday, January 25, 2016

Life In Scarborough: Goodbye, Old Car!

So I finally pulled the plug on my '97 Cavalier yesterday afternoon.   I feel OK about it.  I'd put a new engine in last February and hoped this would squeeze a few more years out of the thing.  But it was like sewing a shiny fresh metal heart to a bunch of rusty old organs.  It shook them to bits with its vigor.  Everything ancillary has failed over the past six months.  I finally told Crappy Tire to pull the plug at noon on Sunday. and an hour later when I was driving by in my emergency rental I saw a tow-truck hauling it off to automobile heaven.  Bye bye old car!  I won't miss a CD -player where you had to open the trunk to change CDs.  I won't miss the pain in my guts from thinking that this drive might be the one where the car failed somewhere in the 905 area code, where rural primitives allegedly still raise "pigs" and "cows", and occasionally eat city folks whose cars have stalled.  My one regret is that I never managed to have sex in the car while it was being pulled through one of those automated car-washes.  I could have managed the timing (about two minutes), but the interior was too cramped to really get set up.  And it would have been better to have someone in the car with me.  But otherwise onward and upward!  A new previously owned vehicle is in my future!  This one may even have an MP3 player, or at least a working air-conditioner.

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Unknown said...

It can really be hard to let a car go, especially a quality Cavalier. You had yours longer than me, but I never had to swap out the engine like you. We don't have any of those type car washes here, we literally have to drive through the station to get the car cleaned. Mine is pushing 20 years now, knock on wood.