Saturday, April 30, 2016

On The Earl's Thing: A Brief Note

From an employee's Facebook page:

The intention of this post is NOT to state my opinion or upset anyone but simply make a plea. That plea being that no matter what your opinion is on our beef program or really any other subject, that you take a minute to think about who you're voicing your concerns or opinions to and the way in which you're going about it. I'm a strong believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but over the last couple of days I have seen far too many people that I care about who work for Earls be yelled at or degraded for something that is much bigger than them. Today I was yelled at in a public parking lot and then ridiculed at the gas station just for wearing my chef's jacket with the Earls logo, something by the way which I am very proud to wear. All I ask is that before you yell at a 16 year old hostess or tell a server that they're are stupid you take a moment to consider the big picture. We're all human and most of us are in the industry we're in because we love people! For those who have any questions or concerns about this I'm always more than happy to answer them, feel free to message me!

In short: This is Canada.  Keep the public discourse civilized, people.

Some background here.


MgS said...

It's much ado about nothing really. Anyone who thinks this is a big deal is smoking weed, or they're an Albert RW politico desperate to make a couple of political points.

Unknown said...

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