Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ontario Election Leadership Debate Analysis

I didn't watch it.  I was eating wings in my favorite wings place watching a hockey game.  But I was checking my twitter feed occasionally, and this is what I gleaned from it.

1) Kathleen Wynne's opening pitch speech was good.  Something about yeah you hate me but you like my policies sorry sorry sorry yada yada.  She got a few good jabs in later against Doug Ford.

2) Doug Ford fumbled the Nazi meme thing.  "You are all motherfuckin' Nazis," he said of the NDP.  He also looked "stiff".  Which, if you've ever met the can mistake him for a cardboard cutout of himself.

3) Andrea Horwath didn't say anything worth noting, as far as I can tell.  But she didn't get trapped into anything either.  So for her that's a win.

So maybe a 0-0-0 draw, or  0-0 negative 1 score for Mr. Ford for misplaying the Nazi card.


Gyor said...

Horwath actually nailed Wynne pretty good on the sale of Hydro One.

Wynne nailed Doug Ford on daycare asking him if he's ever been in one.

Everyone nailed Ford for not having his Platform out, he came off as the kid who didn't do his homework.

Rural said...

" My Friends .... I can save millions, kill the carbon tax and save the world but NO jobs will be lost and everything will be rosy" "My friends..., my friends..... and so on"
Believe me Ford is no 'friend' except perhaps to his fellow bullshitter Trump.

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