Thursday, March 08, 2007

And In 30 More Years They'll Get To The Zoning By-Laws

It's been a decade since the amalgamation of the old Federation of Toronto, and after years of study and bickering back and forth, City Council:

... adopted a new design for street name signs in an effort to co-ordinate signage across Toronto.

But if some of the older communities want to put a bird on their street-signs, or on the other hand a rainbow, the new design allows it! For "Diversity is our Strength!" Oh Joy! Such progress. Meanwhile stuff like harmonizing a half dozen zoning codes remains a "long term" goal. Way, way long term.

Some advice: if any politician of any stripe suggests a municipal amalgamation where you live, bludgeon them with a brick and run the body through a chipper. Toronto missed out on the last half of the 1990s because of this nonsense.


Ti-Guy said...

Well, not complete nonsense. Someone had to get rid of "Canada's Only Borough...Boo-Yah!!" and the sickening notion that Sheppard and Yonge could be thought of as a city centre and a focus of community life. I like the fact the all those city centres are now not trying to pretend to be anything else than what they always were...malls.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Hey, Scarborough Town Centre is no mall!...oh, wait...