Friday, October 01, 2010

Iggy And The Herb: I Approve

For Montreal, Ignatieff's answers provide a glimpse of what could be expected under a future government. The Liberals would like to see Vancouver's Insite safe-injection sites replicated across the country - a notion briefly entertained by Quebec's Health Minister but never pursued. Public transit would be better funded as part of a larger green investment strategy, and social housing would get renewed attention, where active federal involvement would incentivize the construction of more units. And of course, the gun registry would be safeguarded. As for the shuttered compassion clubs, Ignatieff said Liberals would reintroduce Cauchon's bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use, while Jennings added that the process for obtaining medical marijuana, already legalized under the Chretien government, would also be streamlined.

Lets see if he wilts under the kind of attacks that will undoubtedly materialize. Hang tough, O potentially glorious Iggy!

Because it`s a perfect Liberal wedge issue! Libertarians support decrim because they're a bunch of teenage stoners! SoCons must be smoking something, but they won't support decrim in order to fuck over Libertarians (who they hate because Libertarians are goddamn ATHEISTS!).

Meanwhile, when it goes through, the rest of us can stop buying weed off our neighbour's nine year old daughter, who is a ripoff, and deal directly with Tim Horton's instead.


CanadianSense said...

You approve of another flip flop?

He was told the "youth" to go dig ditches earlier and now he embraces the bud vote?

Marc Emery will pleased.

How will he pay for the Red Book Promise of more transit, more housing, more daycare, more education and brag about the Chretien-Martin fiscal record?

RuralSandi said...

CS - should we play your game of flip flops-Harper? You wouldn't like it.

Besides, Ignatieff said kids shouldn't spend their lives at the other end of a cigarette as in "smoking".

CS - you are pathetic. Now, guess what party MP spit on a sidewalk in the 1920's.

Gayle said...

I do not believe he ever said he opposed decriminalizing marijuana. I believe he said that to do so could cause problems with the US, where it is illegal, and that he did not want to see youth smoking pot instead of engaging in productive activities.

Seems to me he knows a thing or two about the effects of pot on one's motivation. ;)

What concerns me about decriminalization is that it is contradictory to decriminalize the possession and not the sale of marijuana. I think they have to also decriminalize cultivation of a small number of plants, or the sale of small amounts of marijuana.

Steve Bloom said...

You have the real CA's permission to follow us just as soon as we fix things here in a few weeks. :)