Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Whither Wind Concerns?

The day after I noted that Wind Concerns Ontario had shut down their blog, citing a threat of legal action, John Spears did a short piece on the same topic in the T.O. Star.  The most interesting bit:

But Jane Wilson, the president of Wind Concerns, says there are no imminent legal threats hanging over the organization.

Wilson said in an interview that the website is run by a volunteer, who may have misunderstood some discussion at the recent Wind Concerns annual meeting.

Wind Concerns had been considering a more professional approach for its website in any case, she said.

“We’ll be going off air for a brief, brief time while we get a new platform going,” she said.

Wilson said she hasn’t spoken to the volunteer who runs the website: “I don’t even have her phone number.”

“I don’t know why she put on ‘the threat of legal action,’ because no one’s suing us,” Wilson said. “We’re not having any problems that way.”

The website volunteer had not attended the annual meeting, and had some questions about financial matters, Wilson said.

“It was suggested to her that questions about what had gone on at the annual general meeting was not something that should be on the website,” Wilson said.

“It was suggested that rather than making these questions more dramatic than they needed to be, she could discuss it with someone else.”

Wilson said the questions involved the cost of certain items, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Now, according to netinfo, the Wind Concerns website is registered to Moe Anderson from Amherst, Ontario.  In this posting to the WCO Facebook Page, Moe says the name change is a result of her leaving the group:

To speculate on what's happened, I would suggest that Moe was the volunteer who raised issues re spending and, not getting a response to her satisfaction, parted with the group, taking the rights to the website with her.  She may also have suggested that the WCO website disappear, or else, and the domain-name change is a result.  I am trying to confirm this via email.  Interestingly enough, this comment on Wind Resistance Ontario suggests that there still exists a WCO rump group that is working apart from the Wind Resistance folks:

This is no longer the “Wind Concerns Ontario” website. Please don’t discuss their business or board members here.

Perhaps Moe Anderson is still involved with these folk.  In any case, we all know where its all going to end.


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Mike Barnard said...

Well, Moe Anderson was a fairly deeply unprofessional and excitable moderator. I spent some time countering her misinformation campaign on a couple of discussion forums and got called a lot of names for it. It wouldn't surprise me if she took something out of context and ran with it in a snit.

As for WCO and WRO undergoing a schism, well that's what happens with religious groups that aren't founded on empiricism. They schism because one person's received truth is at variance with another's.

In a recent review of comments on WRO, the same crowd are mostly there, but there is an additional commenter who is desperately trying to get them to be civil, engaged and productive. I wish him good luck; they're not particularly civil or productive, more extremist and unproductive.

Keep up the good work.