Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is A Sun News Network Insider Trying To Screw The Sun News Network?

...or are they just trying to screw Michael Coren?

This is the second bit of embarrassing Michael  Coren footage to have appeared within the last couple of days.

The first can be found here (although, truth be told, the audio looks to have been fiddled with--and there's an edit at the 7 second mark--but the gestures are all real).

Perhaps not coincidentally, Sun News is making a 2nd  attempt at getting mandatory carriage.  The decision on this, I hear from company insiders from the management layer, could come down sometime in the new year.  And, I am told, the station is done like dinner if the ruling goes against them.  Presumably, video of their on-air personalities giving what look very much like fascist salutes will exert a negative influence on the CRTC when they finally rule.

But where did all this stuff originate?  It looks like program outtakes, and why would anyone at Sun  News  leak outtakes?  Who can say, really? But the parent company has laid off and is still laying off 100s of people.  Is somebody inside trying to strike back?


tincase said...

Whats embarrassing about a self-promoting pseudo-Catholic dumping on Jews and Muslims while constantly having to satiate an inappropriate man-crush on Justin Trudeau?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the pro-free market station wants corporate welfare. But not surprising in the least.

Reality Bites said...

Sun TV has carriage on the major carriers and no one watches it. This is just a grab for a guaranteed carriage fee that will keep them afloat regardless of no one watching

sooey said...

I think that was the day Harper was in the viewing audience.