Sunday, December 02, 2012

Roma Sacrificed To Free Trade

Ex CBCer Karl Nerenberg talks  Bill C-31, and how it will allow countries like Hungary--where a far right drift in national politics threatens the local Roma community*--to be labelled  a safe “Designated Country of Origin” when it comes to evaluating refugees landed in Canada:

The government has already telegraphed that it wants to name all European Union countries as safe. To do otherwise would put a major spanner in the works of the current Canada-Europe Trade Agreement negotiations.

In fact, Kenney said on Friday that when the new measures come into play, Canada will be able to lift the visa requirements on the Czech Republic, a requirement which was imposed to stem the tide of Roma from that country seeking refugee status in Canada.

Lifting that visa will make Europe very happy, and eliminate one serious irritant in the trade agreement talks.

See?  And everyone thought Jason Kenney was just being a jerk.  In reality, its all so Canadians can get access to cheap clothing from the old East Block.  Anyway, the Nerenberg piece is a longish read, but a good one.

* The Jewish community too, although this fact hasn't made  the news reports as often.

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