Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Threats From The Anti-Wind Camp

An anonymous letter sent to The London Free Press threatening every farmer who works on land with wind turbines is sparking alarm on both sides of the debate and prompted an OPP investigation.

With the heading, "Notice to all Farmers and Custom Farming Operators," the single-page letter reads: "Any field that has an industrial wind turbine will be subject to having foreign materials placed in the crops which will result in very serious damage to any harvesting equipment." The letter is signed, "Regards, Your neighbors."

As the story goes onto note, there have been death threats made against wind turbine workers, and vandalism committed against one turbine facility.  This is what happens when you take a bunch of wealthy retirees and impede their cottage's view of the lake.


Paul Kuster said...

In related news;


dwl pics said...

There is a web site that the editorial comments commend civil disobediance as a means to an end.
The WCO claims they do not support this type of action, yet the web site is owned, operated and maintained by one of the most vocal WCO members.
Have a look,

Paul Kuster said...

Actually Don Lesko, why don't you just direct everyone to our site?


Give folks a chance to see a side the corporate psychopaths in the wind industry don't want you to know about?
Civil disobediance seemed fine when the left instigated it, but now when it's against them, they squeal like kindergarten children.
By the way, we hold no membership in Wind Concerns Ontario. Unless you can provide the proof of membership or a receipt indicating such, I'd be careful about what accusations you make.

pogge said...

Oxford MPP receives wind threat letter

Scott @ Prog Blog said...

Civil Disobedience and threats to destroy farmers crops are 2 entirely different matters Paul.

Paul Kuster said...

Oh and the Occupy crowd were just doing landscape work at St. James park , right?
The letter indicated they wanted to damage the farm equipment, not the crops.