Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BCNDP Should Keep Adrian Dix

The whole one-election-and-out-party-leader phenomenon has gotten entirely out of hand.  But if your in opposition it means that your guy, when it comes to an election campaign, is always going to be a rookie.  It's hard to win that way. Not impossible.  But its tying one hand behind your back.

Nobody listens to me.


The Mound of Sound said...

Some times it doesn't take more than one trek through the fields to know a dog that won't hunt. Adrian Dix has the same terminal deficiency of many failed politicos - he can't fight.

To win, you have to be aggressive. You have to be able to lift your words off the page. You have to energize your people and stir the uncommitted.

There's a reason so many great prime ministers have been lawyers. They're not afraid to fight, they know how to put across a winning case, how to counter an adversary and they understand tactics.

It's really easy to mock lawyers - right up until the moment you really need one.

Dana said...

Amusing that a guy with the word "lib" in his handle would attempt to offer advice to a guy in the dipper fold.

I mean it's not as amusing as Jeff Jedras celebrating the victory of the Socred party but it's up there.

deb said...

I wish Corky would return, he should have won the leadership and he might have actually won this past election.
im still in denial that the libs are in charge:P

crf said...

In B.C., provincially, there is the Liberal party, and the NDP. Those are your choices (bar spoiler parties). So it is common that many Federal Liberal party supporters would feel a greater affinity for the B.C. Provincial NDP tan the B.C. Liberal party. And I bet many British Columbians, even BC NDP party members, would not want stronger cooperation between the federal NDP and its B.C. Provincial counterpart.

I vote NDP (mostly) provincially, Liberal federal. I don't feel conflicted about it either. I don't feel I'm being mushed between two folds.

It's funny that some federal NDP supporters, like Dana, are so lord-of-the-flies tribal.