Thursday, November 07, 2013

Our Gal (Kathleen Wynne) Is Lookin' Good!

If an election were held tomorrow, Premier Wynne’s Liberal party would receive 34% of the vote among decided voters, unchanged since May. Support for Time Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives has eased to 31% (down 3 points), while Andrea Horwath’s NDP have made serious gains and also sit at 31% of the vote (up 5 points). One in twenty (5%) Ontarians would vote for some other party (unchanged).
I would guess this result makes a Spring election more likely.  The Ontario NDP are in a fight for official opposition status which, while not government, is certainly better than 3rd party.

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Steve Bloom said...

Although with that tight of a 3-way spread, I would think you'd have to do a riding-by-riding analysis to draw a meaningful conclusion.