Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tory Candidate In Provencher Talks Anti-Gay Bullying: Maybe They're Faking It

Steinbach Regional Secondary School student Evan Wiens attracted national attention as he stepped forward, identifying himself as a gay student, and advocating for gay-straight alliances. In a television interview, as the debate over the bill grew, Wiens was interviewed in front of the high school as other students walked past lobbing verbal abuse at him. While [Tom] Falk acknowledged homosexuals do face bullying, he also suggested that particular incident may have been manufactured.

"Whether that was staged we don’t know," Falk said.

Asked if he meant the teens had staged the scene, Falk agreed.

"By the organizers, yeah," he said.


double nickel said...

Cons just can't help themselves.

Scotian said...

While I agree it could be a possibility (if in my view a very low order one), to say so like that showed not just how poorly this person understands the reality for young gays even now, it also shows that for him and those he aligns with the idea of manufacturing such things for media is so commonplace an idea/approach that it was the first place he went to and what he thought to offer was the most likely explanation. I think that illustrates projection at work far more than it does anything else, and further shows why the modern Conservative movement in this nation cannot be trusted. They manufacture reality to order, they don't actually face it and try to deal/work with it the way the rest of us have to.