Friday, December 13, 2013

Bruce Hyer Is A Bad...BAD...BOY!!!

Getta load of this NDP presser re Bruce Hyer crossing the floor to the Federal Green Party.  The anger is palpable!  You can feel the heat emanating from your computer monitor.  It is as though Thomas Mulcair's signature emotion

...has infected the entire party, a party run in better days by the man they called "Happy Jack".

PS.  Congrats Green Party of Canada. You are clearly on the march.


Unknown said...

Jack Layton was no more tolerant of floor crossers then Mulcair and don't think Jack would give Hyer a free pass, he'd be disgusted too.

If Hyer wasn't happy as dipper he should have stayed an Independant or resign and run as a green, instead he broke his word, he campaign against Floor crossing, voted for a ban on floor crossing, yet he crossed the floor anyways. Hyer has no honour, his word has no value, and all over getting passed over in the NDP shadow cabinat.

The Mound of Sound said...

Awesome photo. I think that's the image a lot of Canadians have in mind when they think of Tommy boy.

Ben Burd said...

Just can't wait to turn the knife you bitter liberal

Unknown said...

Hey, Ryan, Bruce Hyer stayed as an independent MP for 20 months after the NDP disciplined him for representing the expressed wishes of his constituents. Isn't that what an MP is supposed to do in a democracy? But we are rapidly approaching the 2015 general election when all MPs will be called to prove they are worthy representatives of their constituents. Some are going to have a lot of explaining to do.