Saturday, December 07, 2013

Northern Gateway Set To Heat Up

The National Energy Board (NEB) report on the project is set to be released by month's end.  All the media hoopla around the release will occur...wait for Alberta, with B.C., the province through which most of the pipe-line will run, made a mere spectator.  Assuming the NEB gives its approval, and Harper's cabinet signs off on the project, this issue will dominate B.C. politics up until the next federal election.  Former government chief of staff Norman Spector gives a hint of the gathering mood:

“There are a lot of people in Alberta who think the federal government is going to bowl this pipeline through British Columbia. It isn’t going to happen, whatever the legal authority. It isn’t going to happen. They better wake up and smell the coffee.”

Recent polls appear to have shown a rise in support for the pipeline, but I suspect that's because it has fallen out of the headlines for awhile.  Watch sentiment to turn negative as things heat up.  And if the feds try to push this thing through, expect national unity problems out on the West Coast.


the salamander said...

.. it will be interesting to see how NEB and CSIS, The Harper Government, Christy Clark BC Govt, Alison Redford Alberta Govt, RCMP, China and other offshore foreign stakeholders explain the how & why of spying and intel collection & obstruction being part of.. indeed in advance of and during.. this particular 'review' .. An Arm's Length Canadian Economic Action, Secretive 'Action' .. ???

Come come, Stephen Harper.. Please stand up in front of Canada and Canadians without notes or teleprompter and explain.. that this is how you believe our Canadian Government should act..

Spying, lying, deceit, obstruction, surveillance, denial?

Bullshit, Mr Harper .. you're full of it

Resign, Retire .. Just go away.. You're disgusting ..

deb said...

it will be an out and out war. Its why Im soo pissed that folks didnt get out and vote Christie "corrupt" clarke out. WE have BC hydro problems, pipelines, BC Ferries BS, starving children all at stake. The pipeline deal cant go thru without the First Nations support. So its going to take some fancy footwork to get past that.

The Mound of Sound said...

There are a lot of us lifelong law-abiding, grey hairs who have been motivated to stand up to stop this. Blocking the pipeline may be our last shot at revisiting youth. Besides most of us don't get out enough as it is and sharing a jail cell, mingling with another dozen, like-minded seniors might actually be quite pleasant. And wouldn't that be a lovely picture for the Harper Conservatives- all those new jail cells housing B.C. seniors.

Better yet, once Harper's pipeline Goon Squad starts roughing up and jailing seniors, what do you think our kids and grandkids and their generation will do?

Dana said...

MoS asks, "Better yet, once Harper's pipeline Goon Squad starts roughing up and jailing seniors, what do you think our kids and grandkids and their generation will do?"

Take a vacation in Hawaii? Thank the authorities for minding the oldsters for a while?

Not even notice?