Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is Russia Re-Purposing Pro-Trump Troll Twitter Accounts To Attack Angela Merkel?

An interesting tweet, this:
Yeah, its a parody site .  But there's an interesting point made here.  Assume you have, like Russia does, a troll army that acts in the Russian national interest by, for example,  getting clowns like Donald Trump elected.  Suppose that assignment is over (successfully concluded), and the next one is to disrupt the German election and get Angela Merkel booted in favor of some far right alternative. What's the quickest way?  Well, you just use the 1,000's of twitter accounts you've already created to redirect their bile at the German Chancellor.  Better than starting from scratch.  But though these accounts are hard to distinguish from the genuinely useful idiots, if people are paying attention, they will see.  And that gives the game away.  So a sloppy bit of dark ops on the part of the Russkies, perhaps.


jrkrideau said...

This is a parody of a parody is it not?

I mean you don't really believe that crap about Putin and the boys doing a bunch of hacking to get Trump elected?

This fairy tale appears to be a great expression of the normal American paranoia and fear of the "boogyman" we have so often seen; Joe McCarthy's witch hunt, Iraqi weapons of mass distruction and, presumably, the fear that Santa Claus is a communist agent.

That the CIA and 17? other US intelligence agencies have signed on to this idiocy impresses me as much as them agreeing with the Iraqi WMD assessment while Scott Ritter was pointing out that every nut and bolt in every Scud in Iraq had been accounted for and Mohamed El Baradei and Hans Blix were pointing out to Colin Powell that the US arguments were complete nonsense.


Unknown said...
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