Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gruending On The Breivik Killings And "The Right"

 Dennis Gruending weighs in elegantly here.

My view: if right-wing pundits like Steyn, and Tarrek Fatah, and Pam Geller aren't nuts, then Brevik's actions are sane.  If dark-skinned Islamo-fascists really have infiltrated all levels of society--the police, the armed forces, the various political parties, the media, the public school system--then why wouldn't staging some sort of armed revolt be perfectly in order?  If "leftists" like those kids on that island, or folks like myself, really are covering up for such terrorists, then isn't a bullet pretty much what we deserve (as indeed Michael Coren suggested)?

Now, of course these "thinkers" are nuts.  And, at some level, Mark Steyn (for example)  probably realizes he's spooning up boob-bait for the yokels that purchase his books.  But I suppose the coin is good.  The problem is with readers--like Breivik--who take Steyn's various theories more seriously than he does, and have the "courage" to act from Mr. Steyn's apparent convictions. 

Steyn, Fatah, Geller, Coren, Mansur--these people "set the table" for folks like Brevik.  That is their measure of responsibility.


eastyorker said...

They may not even believe that drivel they spout but just adopt those positions as a self marketing ploy.

bigcitylib said...

Because Fatah has said the police have been infiltrated, the school boards, everyone. He claims that he has been threatened or his life is in danger almost monthly. Its all a huge conspiracy but, according to him, he bravely struggles on.

Jerome Bastien said...

That's super lame BCL. I thought you were above that.

First, Pam Geller doesnt deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Steyn, let alone the same sentence.

Second, there is nothing wrong with peacefully but forcefully the flaws in your opponent's ideology.

Thirdly, it's not like you or the left in general treat conservatives with kid gloves. Rather, you demonize us 24/7, which is fair even though it is wrongheaded. And now you're trying to leverage Breivik's massacre to your advantage by suggesting all conservatives are complicit.

Please. That same "logic" makes you complicit in the unabomber's crimes, every islamofascist's crimes and James Jay Lee's crime.