Thursday, January 26, 2012

Northern Gateway Rising: A Slightly More Interesting Bullshit Poll

 Decima's latest, which gives the following  national numbers:

...the Conservatives at 32 per cent support, followed by the NDP at 29 per cent. The Liberal Party, which held its 2012 convention in Ottawa two weeks ago in an attempt to rescue itself from permanent third-party status, is sitting at 25 per cent support. They are followed by the Green Party, at 7 per cent, and the Bloc Quebecois at 5 per cent.

The CPoC is down a couple of points nationally, if you look at Decima's deets.  But what's most interesting is the B.C. breakdown:

That's the Northern Gateway issue taken' effect, I think.  The NDP has been most aggressive about this on both the provincial and federal level, and the Greens get a minor bump. 

C'mon LPoC; like Rafe Mair says, there is no middle way here; take a stand and avoid talking Centralist mush!

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