Saturday, August 03, 2013

Toronto City Council Vote To Replace LRT With Subway Was Meaningless

City Council’s recent vote to replace the Scarborough RT with a subway has not affected the [Scarborough LRT] project as yet, says IO spokesperson Paulette den Elzen. She said IO is progressing with building light rail to Scarborough unless they hear otherwise from Metrolinx, “who will meet with the province to discuss next steps.

Yeah, they won't hear otherwise from Metrolinx.  There will be no "next steps".  The last three weeks  have been Kabuki Theater meant to sway the two T.O ridings up for grabs in Thursday's by-election one way or another. That's over now, and whatever commitments (or, more accurately, non-commitments) were made by all three parties in the run-up to it will dissolve like french pastry under the mid-day sun.

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