Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jim Keegstra Has Apparently Died

It's all from one source, but there has been some follow-up:
Update: Confirmed here.


Kurt Phillips said...

Steve Bloom said...

What, here it is almost midnight and you've had not even a moment between downing shots and hooting about Horwath and Hudak to do even one gloating post for your many readers?

All I can say is, I hope you took the day off tomorrow. :)

And big congrats, of course.

(BTW, did you notice that JT's congratulations mentioned female but not gay? Interesting elision, intentional or not.)

double nickel said...

Perhaps that's because no one gives a shit about each other's sexual orientation these days?

jrkrideau said...

@ steve bloom
11:20 Friday and no gloating post from BCL. I hope he's okay.


bigcitylib said...

I started gloating about 11:10.