Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Will New Prostitution Bill Shut Down Toronto SUN???

You can see it through the link.  The exciting bit is here:
Justin Ling gets to the nub of the issue:
But its not just the Gay & Lesbian news that would suffer.  Its been awhile since I've flipped through the personals in The T.O  Sun, but they used to run tons of ads for escort services. The new law means them forgoing a pretty lucrative revenue stream.  News folks everywhere are going to shit.

So its probably a head fake; this bit gets amended out in order to let the other probably unconstitutional stuff go through (until the whole thing gets struck down).

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jrkrideau said...

I have not read the new legislation but from media reports it appears that the Harper Cons have managed to replace a bad piece of legislation with one that is equally bad. Clearly they did not understand anything the judge said in her decision