Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Justin Vs. Ezra

An interesting bit of tactics.
Provoke The Ez into further ranting; hang  his words on the CPC government.  Interesting in that team Trudeau thinks they can pick a fight with someone who "buys ink by the barrel", as they used to say, and win.  It tells you something about the fallen state of today's MSM that this calculation actually makes sense.  

If you haven't followed the whole "photo-bomb" story, don't worry about it.  Or you can go through some of the links above.  To me the most interesting thing about it is the willingness of  the LPC to play rough with these idiots.   It used to be that representatives of the print media carried a bit of gravitas with them.  Now, given the industry's declining state, being criticized by a scribbler is akin to getting yelled at in the street by a homeless guy.  Why not give 'em a kick?  

In any case, the father of the groom has made a statement on his facebook page: per usual, Ezra mucked up his facts.


Unknown said...

I admire the gutsy boycott call. The vile nature of the rant is indefensible. The longer the boycott lasts, the longer it will be remembered and associated with the PC message. It doesn't matter how much ink you have, you can't be mainstream for long, with an image like this.

Dr.Dawg said...

The question in my mind at this point is whether Ezra is, you know, well.

CuJoYYC said...

Ezra has an unhealthy infatuation with Justin. Not sure that kind of infatuation even fits the concept of 'traditional conservative values".

deb said...

ezra is a pig, there is no other way to describe this despicable infantile twisted monologue and the fact that it gets on tv at all is just shameful.
Justin and the rest of the libs, and really anyone who is sane, reasonable and respectful should boycott anything to do with sun news.