Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Live Coverage Of Doug Ford Scarborough Focused Virtual Town-Hall: Dofo Might Remove Bicycle Lanes

Via my twitter feed.  A bit of real news contained therein, perhaps.

Doug, who I refer to a Rob once in the tweets above, definitely said he will remove bike lanes.  I'm no longer quite sure he said 100 miles worth, or kms, or whatever.  But he definitely committed to removing them in the 416 suburbs.

In any case, for a little background: I got a call from the Doug Ford campaign inviting me to a Scarborough-Centric conference call with, apparently, 1,000s of other Scarberians.  There were live questions from screened participants (one mildly critical question regarding Rofo's drug use), and occasional survey questions.  The twitter feed is my best attempt to communicate the drift of it.  Some stuff might be worth following up on, like:


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deb said...

if Dofo wins, the rest of Canada may need to separate from the GTA. We can make Vancouver the biggest most vibrant city to represent our nation, and just call toronto a failed experiment:P