Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Toronto Set To Elect Henry Blake

Amiable, sort of clueless.  The kind of guy who wanders around saying "the world is a square, the world is a square" until someone tells him its a rhomboid, after which he goes around saying "the world is a rhomboid, the world is a rhomboid." Hopefully somebody tells him the Sheppard Subway is one big pander to the East end, which it won't serve as well as other transit options on the table.  But our beloved city could do worse, and at least our long, fat municipal nightmare will be over.

As for Olivia, I'm not sure what went wrong.  Her transit plan is by far the most reasonable, the most likely to get done sometime in the near future.  But maybe "more buses" isn't the stuff of big city dreams.  I'll probably still wind up voting for her, but that's mostly because I believe losing builds character


crf said...

It's not a bad thing if Tory's going to be elected. He'll be able to work with both Provincial and Federal government.

Olivia Chow would be as capable, but Stephen Harper would surely decree that the feds not work with her.

Steve Bloom said...

Well, very briefy, as the voters seem set to decree Harper's retirement in the near future. But Justin seems prone to loving anyone who loves him back.

I've only viewed such a process close up in a California context (SF Bay Area BART, LA Metro and now HSR), but big, expensive and not very well-conceived rail projects seem to be a consistent path to electoral success for the pols who promote them.