Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jonathon Kay On The Death Of Sun News

It's the most brilliant thing he's ever written, because he links back to me, which gives the piece credibility.


jrkrideau said...

I knew you couldn't trust the right wing press :)

BTW did you hear the interview with Ezra on As It Happens last night (2014-02-13)?

The level of malevolence in his voice was, frankly, frightening

Gayle said...

Here is my problem with the complaining about the demise of SNN.

First and foremost is the complaint that SNN brings an "alternative view" to the table. This is true only if you believe that CTV and CBC are presenting news from a position that is biased to the left. I have often said that one of Harper's great accomplishments is convincing his minions that everyone is against him. The Sun media chain spent years paving the way for SNN by trying to convince people they were necessary because every other media outlet was biased, when in fact the only mainstream media that is biased is the Sun media chain.

I have read the CRTC decision. SNN failed to establish they were necessary to provide an alternative to the news already out there. They whine and complain the CRTC is biased, but again the only bias here is that demonstrated by SNN.

Second, SNN was not doing "news". They were a thinly veiled front for the CPC, trying to convince people to vote conservative. The fact that most of their programming focused solely on politics is proof of that.

Finally, while I hate to see anyone lose their job, I am tired of reporters from other media outlets scolding us for being happy SNN is gone. Not only did SNN reporters care not one whit about the employment prospects of the staff at CBC, a network they have been attacking for a long time, the entire media chain pushes to restrict or deny welfare and other benefits to those who need it most - our most vulnerable citizens. Makes it kind of hard to sympathize with anyone working for them.

Nitangae said...

Absolutely, Gayle. And (while I make a small exception for Warren Kinsella, since it really would be classless to rejoice in the unemployment of former co-workers), the real problem with that joke of a network was that it more or less set its employees up for unemployment, as they made no effort to make an endurable news program (as opposed to a Ezra Levant star vehicle).