Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Very Little Separates The Parties On Bill C-51

A twitter argument I had with NDP MP for Newton - North Delta  Jinny Sims:
She retreated then, knowing perhaps that her ass had been kicked.

But the bottom line is that before the bill's inevitable passage the NDP will do a little dance like this, and the LPC will do a little dance like that.  In a sense the LPC's position is the more honest of the two.   The NDP clearly sees some good in the bill, otherwise they would promise something beyond a mere tweaking once they got in power.  But then why try to kill it now and have to start all over again to achieve an mostly identical result?


Kirbycairo said...

I don't follow exactly how you "kicked her ass." It is difficult to kick someone's ass when you are dealing purely in speculation. Furthermore, you are really stretching here to suggest that the LPC and NDP are not holding different positions on this since one party will vote against the bill and one party will vote for the bill - which in the Westminster system of government is the very definition of difference. But since you identify yourself as a Liberal you have a partisan stake in saving the Liberal reputation in this regard. I will vote for neither party and have no stake here and it is clear that there is a difference in the two party's positions. What is really sad is the degree to which all three major parties have wholeheartedly adopted the poison partisanship of the HarperCons. BTW, if we are dealing in speculation, we can easily speculate based upon their opposition to the bill that the NPD would repeal this bill if they came to power. But such speculation about the Liberals or the NDP is just game theory.

Hishighness said...

Way to go BCL, show that Dipper who's boss!

thwap said...

Shorter BCL:

"We both suck!"

With bold visionary stances like this, it's no wonder you're surging!

Good show!