Friday, February 06, 2015

Levant Loses Another!

It's been awhile since Lorna Pardy has been in the news.  Back in 2008, she was verbally assaulted by comedian Guy Earle at Zesty's Comedy Club in Vancouver.   She took him to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, and won. At the time, some, Ezra Levant in particular, were pushing the notion that this case was about the exercise of free speech.  It wasn't.  It was more about a lowly restaurant functionary going off on a customer.  In any event, Ezra said things.  And Ms. Pardy commenced a civil action against him.  However, the suit lay still-born for a number years until, in 2013, after the various appeals of the original wound up, Ms. Pardy served Ezra with a notice of civil claim.  Ezra moved that the case be dismissed due to the long delay but, on January 29th of this year, the judge said no.  So, throw another lawsuit on the pile; Ezra's going back to court.  And when Ezra goes to court, Ezra tends to lose.


mandible said...

EZ almost won. The judge agreed that the delay in proceeding with the action was inordinate and inexcusable. Then, in a stunning reversal, the judge rules "I am not convinced that in the context of this case, the delay will cause serious prejudice to the defendant ... there is some prejudice here but I am not satisfied that it is serious enough to render a fair trial impossible."

EZ's lawyer failed to make the case that the delay would hurt his defense. That's got to hurt.

Unknown said...

Looks good on Levant the con loving little man.

deb said...

welll golly guess free speech is expensive