Sunday, October 27, 2013

Justin On Keystone

People may have been surprised, but shouldn't have been.  Justin's position on Keystone XL has been on record for awhile know.  And though I personally oppose Keystone and all other pipelines out of Mordor, that is not a tenable stance for a politician looking to win seats in Alta. or Sask. Indeed, of the three pipelines currently under consideration, Keystone is the easiest to get behind because its fate is entirely out of Canadian hands.  There's nothing that need to be done, or can be done at this point, but add a few cheers from the side-line.  More bothersome to me is Justin's apparent support for the Trans Mountain line (through 2nd link above).  But since there's no regulatory application even on the table yet for that one, presumably he will have time to change his mind.

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