Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warman Offers FreeD An Honorable Exit

Maybe the money they lost when he successfully sued them for defamation can be put to good use:

Update – 21 October – I have today offered to the defendants in the libel action below to donate all damages received after payment of my legal fees to children’s charities. The offer is conditional on them accepting the verdict of the jury they asked for, and any subsequent order of Justice Smith regarding the case. The offer is open for acceptance until Thursday, October 24th.

I guess will know after the end of today whether the Fourniers and co. want to drag this out any longer.


Anonymous said...

The Fourniers haven't made a smart decision since this saga began, I don't expect they'll start now.

Reality Bites said...

I'm wondering... wouldn't whoever gives that money to charity get a nice tax deduction on it?

If so, if I were Warman I'd insist on being paid and make the donation myself, but to a registered charity that would also greatly offend the Fourniers