Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Driftpile First Nation To Enbridge: Who? Us?

Phony signatures on Enbridge's list of First Nations who've expressed support for the Northern Gateway pipeline?  The Driftpile First Nation is on the list, though they've gone to extensive lengths to express their opposition to the project.  Naturally, they are curious as to how this might have occurred.  And here, in another piece from APTN, we find out that about 20 BC FNs have signed "protocol agreements", and 20 more are "pending", of 138 FNs across B.C.  From the sounds of it, some of these were signed ages ago...in 2005 or 2008 while the pipeline project was in its infancy. And some of them may be entirely bogus.  So hardly a ringing endorsement from B.C.s aboriginal community.

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double nickel said...

The Harpercons will go to any length to push through their agenda. Lying, cheating and dirty tricks are the norm with this bunch.