Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Ezra Deletes

Pretty loathsome stuff, as per usual with The Ez.  Thing to remember is Ezra don't delete unless someone tells him to.  Like boss Kory Teneyke, or a Sun News lawyer.

PS.  It appears as though not all of Ezra's tweets on this topic were deleted.  You can still view most of them in all their shameless, no-class awfulness on his original twitter feed.


percyq said...

The Toronto Life article got it wrong. Sun is not a real rightwing TV news service. It's Blogging Tory TV.

sinned34 said...

I was quite disappointed to find out that Bell TV includes Sun news network on their basic cable. So that means I'm paying for it even though it's not "news" by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe it's time to shop around for a new TV provider.

Fred from BC said...

So, Ezra "deleted them like a coward", but only because his bosses ordered it?

And what exactly did he say, anyway? I see lots of references to his comments (well, not "lots", really...mostly just from hardcore partisans like you) but no actual quotes. Could it be that the quotes are actually quite innocuous, and you attempts to demonize him would fall apart if the truth were known?

double nickel said...

Apparently Fred is too stupid to follow the links.