Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bill Graham, Pinhead

From the Nat. Post:

Liberal Leader Bill Graham, meanwhile, said Canada must continue its military role in Afghanistan or risk more terrorist threats at home.


''I'm afraid that if we don't succeed, the threats will get bigger. The success of our forces in Afghanistan are more and more important, as shown by what we happened this weekend.''

Can someone in the Liberal Party not apply the hook to this idiot?

Citing an alleged terror plot here in Canada as a reason to support the continuation of our mission in Afghanistan is absolutely ridiculous. For one thing, how is fighting a ground war in Asia supposed to discourage homegrown terrorism? I mean, we've been at it about four years now and, Look!, (alleged) homegrown terrorists right here in TO! So how has our presence helped in that regard? If we pulled out of Afghanistan, this would, what, inspire more attacks?

Liberals shouldn't be spouting Tory propaganda.


Steve V said...

The funny thing about Graham's comments, every Tory I have heard on the issue has gone to great pains to stress that this plot is in no way a consequence of the Afghanistan mission. Obviously, the Tories say this to deflect any criticism and prop up support, but it makes Graham's comments look more alarmist.

Anonymous said...

reflective of most Liberals . . . pinheads, wannbe socialists and like Joe Volpe, incapable of seeing the differnce between splitting legal hairs and being a good moral perosn.