Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tories Stuck at 37%; 41% Say Bring Troops Home Now

From The Globe, a new SEC Poll says:

CPC: 37% (+1%)
Libs: 26% (-1%)
NDP: 18% (-1%)

(I didn't see a figure for the Bloc in the Globe Piece, but CTV says).

BQ: 11% (+2%)
Green: 9% (+1%)

Meanwhile, re. Afghanistan:

“There's a feeling that it's gotten much worse, ‘so get them out now, it's becoming a quagmire,' “ said pollster Timothy Woolstencroft of the Strategic Counsel, which conducted the poll for The Globe and Mail/CTV News.

Woolstencroft also suggested that Harper might call an early election "...if he can stickhandle the environment and the war."


Anonymous said...

Hey BCL, check the Globe editorial today: "Harper is right on the Mideast". When this normally Liberal-friendly paper sides with PMSH you know mainstream Canada is swinging Conservative. Too bad there's always 'donationgate', or maybe another piece on the Don Mills Plaza.

Anonymous said...

Polls are for losers and shut-ins waiting by the phone for someone, anyone, to talk to. The rest of us have Caller ID and don't waste time with these pollcats. If polls meant anything Martin should have a majoriy gov't today.

bigcitylib said...

The Globe has traditionally been a Tory paper. It went Lib in the 1990s because lets face it who could really support the no hopers in CRAP, Reform, and etc. Thus today's editorial is not surprising.

Anonymous said...

"The major difference in the political landscape comes in the support for the Liberals, which is hovering at 26 per cent, down four percentage points from the Jan. 23 election. The Tories are up one point to 37 per cent, while the New Democrats are stationary at 18 per cent."

Today's G&M.

that's DOWN 4% for you dufus-head that can't read.

Have you received the memo from LPC HQ yet about being an a liability to the Party ??

On the hand, keep up the great work and prove to the world that Liberal supporters are immoral, lying, cheats that can't read a newspaper without distorting the facts.

When you lie at least try and cover it up.

bigcitylib said...

The 4% is down from election day. The CTV article, which gave the BQ and Green numbers plus up and down, were using (I assume) the last SEC survey.

Anonymous said...

You have been asleep BCL,the advent of the National Post pushed the Globe to the left many years ago. The appointment of 'Edward The Red' Greenspon to Editor-in-chief only reflected this new editorial position.

bigcitylib said...

Goodness! The Nat Post was never a serious threat to the Globe. It was never really even considered a serious newspaper, outside of Calgary and Oyster Creek. You overestimate the ability of the ideological Right to "push" anything in this wonderful liberal country of ours.

Ted Betts said...

The Globe endorsed Harper in the election. At least half it's editorials agree with actions taken by Harper.

That's what you call fair and balanced, neither pro-Con nor anti-Con.


Ted Betts said...

Also, the so-called Liberal-friendly Globe - under Greenspon - broke the Adscam story and gave the Liberals just as hard a ride in the last election as all of the other papers/media.

Anonymous said...

The Cons are in the same fox-hole or behind a firewall as they have always been.
Their leader, SH, couldn't even come out of the plane to welcome the huddled masses he "saved."
Those poll numbers won't move because they have reached saturation point on the pointy-headed policies they expouse.
(And no, expouse is NOT a euphamism for divorce, for all of you home schooled.)
P.S. Ask Harper or the Calgary School about who are the voters. Even whingers should be surprised.

Anonymous said...

This is the "phony war" stage of the next election. Harper is acting in a vacuum – Layton is giving him a free ride on many issues; the Bloc is lying low hoping he will not deliver on massive transfers of cash and taxing power which they (despite the fact they know this is a man who parses each sentence he utters and who will weasel out of things he finds uncomfortable) have convinced themselves he agreed to give to Quebec; and the Liberals are engaged in navel gazing in order to elect a new leader.

So, despite having total control of the agenda since the election, despite having kept his wild and crazy members under lock and key, despite all his revolving-door PR flacks working to hard, and despite the vacuum, Harper is still not surging in the polls.

Why? Because most Canadians do not trust him. Because most Canadians do not buy into his or his party's policies.

Once the Liberals have a leader (assuming they do not shoot themselves in the foot by choosing a polarizing or inexperienced one), the dynamics will change dramatically. The vacuum will have ended. The agenda will be contested. Battle will be joined, and instead of political froth such as the five priorities, there will be a hard-edged political debate begun.

Especially if Bob Rae is the leader of the Liberals: he will run circles around the plodding Harper.

bigcitylib said...


I agree with everything but the Bob Rae bit.

The issue is, how much damage can Harper do in the meantime? I think, for example, that the softwood lumber deal is genuinely bad for Canada's lumber industry. However, if I were advising the Libs right now, I'd probably tell them to duck and cover and let it pass.

Pity Harper gets to govern as if he's almost got a majority until the end of the year. Pity the Libs couldn't have turned this leadership stuff around a little faster.