Tuesday, July 25, 2006

While Canada Dithers, Slovenia Legalizes SSM

According to the LifeSite, new Slovenian marriage laws allow homosexual couples to register their partnerships as a legal "marriage", enjoying the same rights as married heterosexual couples under Slovenian law. However, quote marks are still going to be needed, for there will be some restrictions on gay marriage services:

The law limits the attendance of wedding ceremonies to the two partners and the local registration official, forbidding any third parties. The law requires all ceremonies to take place in an official state office, and requires same-sex couples give 30 days advance notice and documentation verifying sanity, health, and unmarried status.

So you get the basic package of rights, but they don't want you to be too up front about the whole thing; your ceremony can't be a giant wing-ding down at the old bath-house.

Not perfect, but not too bad a compromise.

Unfortunately, in Steve Harper's Canada, the matter is still at issue. Here we risk falling behind the old Soviet Bloc when it comes to issues of Social Justice.


Anonymous said...

"Not perfect, but not too bad a compromise."

A wedding in secret subject to a state shrink verifying you're not nuts, some compromise.

bigcitylib said...

Anyone who gets married, gay or straight, should have to see a pyschiatrist.

Anonymous said...

"subject to a state shrink verifying you're not nuts . . "

sounds like what should be done to anyone who wants to join the Liberals.

or at least be advised to wash their hands thoroughly after coming within 30 feet of a LPC flack, bagman or other assortred back office fart catchers.

Anonymous said...


CAMBRIDGE, Ont. (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a $1-billion compensation package for the "forgotten victims" of the hepatitis C tainted blood scandal.

"It is the government's sincere hope today's announcement will provide a measure of closure to those who have suffered so much," Harper told a news conference Tuesday in Cambridge, On

Anonymous said...

An Ottawa (city)travisty comes to an end as police chief Vince Bevan retires. Prior to becoming Ottawa chief in 1999, Bevan was most noted for heading up the Niagara Police task force on the Bernardo/Homolka girl murders of the mid-nineties. Vince boy and his team of Clouseaus are best remembered for there incomprehensible inability to find the infamous Bernardo sex/torture tapes. Despite having the Bernardo/Homolka house at their disposal for six months they failed to do what any run-of-the-mill gumshoe would have thought of and checked the wall space behind the lighting fixtures. It was only after the Crown had cut its sweetheart deal with Karla that Paul's lawyer contacted Bevan and told him where to look.

Were it not for Bevan's assinine stupidity, the Crown could have convicted them both on first degree and Karla would still be locked up with the butches. For his incompetence Vince boy was promoted to Ottawa chief. Only in Canada.

Anonymous said...

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