Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who Benefits From Income Splitting?

Media preview

From this guy.  No wonder Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is having doubts. I can't see this as being good politics, and it wouldn't surprise me if his negative comments are some kind of trial balloon to gather feedback before the Tories decide for or against.  Alternatively, if you've heard Flaherty lately, he sounds terrible, so maybe he's set to retire and doesn't care that he's breaking with party orthodoxy.


jrkrideau said...

Without seeing how the data is arranged I am not sure how to suggest an alternative but that has to be one of be 'best' (i.e worst) example of chart junk I've seen this year.

Still it does get the point across albeit rather badly.

MgS said...

In that light, it's designed in part to play to the "family values" crowd who seem to think that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen still.

rockfish said...

This whole "family spat" over an election promise -- no, not the promise of raising our retirement ages or halting Canada Post's doorstep service -- sounds too cooked up to me; i wouldn't put it past them to throw a faux political fire storm out for the easy-to-distract media just so they can easily unload the great scamming and broken chading of Canada's electoral system. Their 'overhaul' of Elections Canada and the election rules, especially the fiscal side, are the acts of a party who know the gigs up and have found a way to cheat death, just as long as no one shines too much light on it. Hence why it's trotted out during the Olympics, just before the federal budget... I'm not buying it. Harper's CEO string-pullers will have its income splitting, I just don't know how much their Chinese masters care about it at this moment.