Friday, June 30, 2006

Death to Chad Kroeger!

I wouldn't normally support Capital Punishment for a drunk driving charge, but if it can stop Nickelback from making another album, then I say hang 'em high.

Or, if that seems too un-Canadian, maybe we can send Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger to the U.S. (in a package deal with Celine). We can tell them he's a "gift", the way the Irish invented bag-pipes and then gave them to the Scots as "a sign of respect". The Irish have been laughing about that one for centuries.

The best story about Nickelback is how they chose their name. One of the guitar players used to work at a Tim Horten's, and the most popular menu items at the time added-up to $1.45. Customers would give him $1.50 and he would always have to ask: "Do you want your nickel back?"

Anyway. Busy day for BigCityLib. This may be it.

Keep at 'em on Donationgate, people.



Why you are dumber than a bag of hammers said...

Donationgate . . that's a good one.

I had almost forgotten about the missing stolen $40 MILLION but now I will be reminded each & every time I hear that word or read about this issue that the Liberal Party STOLE taxpayers money, covered it up for 13 years and only got caught because they were trapped into a legal inquiry situation.

The Tories, AFTER their books were certified by Elections Canada, went back and voluntarily raised the isseue because they thought an error of interpretation had been made.

Please keep on reminding me of the differences in the two parties.

How is life in your glass house, asshole ?????

paul said...

Ease up BCL-he hasn't been charged with anything yet. That's what happens to rock stars in BC. And premiers.

WYADTABOH-WTF man? Why is it that the pro-Con dudes are always name calling? I've said it a million times already-come spend some time in Conservative Alberta where you can always see a crime in progress.

Ready, Fire, Aim . . . said...

nothing to see here folks, move along now. . .

"Statement by Conservative Party on Convention Fees The Party’s convention arrangements in 2005 fully respected the law. The fees we charged our delegates to attend did not exceed the costs of running the convention. The fees covered such things as meals, hall rental, security and the like, and there was no net revenue earned by the Party. Consistent with interpretations of the Elections Act and the Income Tax Act issued by Elections Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency and applied many times in the past concerning the price of admission to political events, receipts for a political contributions were therefore not issued for any part of the delegate fee. The President of the Treasury Board, the Honourable John Baird, was quoted, correctly, as saying that the Party did not issue tax receipts for the 2005 convention. He made no statement that the Party thereby did anything contrary to political financing legislation. Michael D. Donison Executive Director Conservative Party of Canada"

Alberta Report said...

Hey conservative Troll:

First of all, I have to ask where you came up with $40 million? Seriously. I have followed this story and nowhere have I seen where $40 million had gone directly to the Liberal Party. But then again, you probably heard it from Ted Byfield or some other loser who chooses to use hyperbole over any legitimate facts, but I digress.

Granted, I am no liberal supporter nor do I fail to acknowledge what had been misappropriated to the party (NOT $40 million, junior, do the math). That being said, for a party that so very publicly prosylitized its "sterling" virtues, the lipstick is off this pig. The conservatives are in complete denial as their actions and more and more comes out to reveal them as EXACTLY the same as the liberal party of the 1990's. Corrupt and full of liars and crooks. The big difference is that the Libs realize something is wrong and though clumsily, they get points for actually addressing this issue, Conservative jerks like yourself on the otherhand are in complete denial and that, my friend, will wipe the shit eating smirk off your mentally retarded face on the next election day.

Glass houses? Jeesus buddy, your party is feeding you balls of shit and you're calling it filet mignon.

Anonymous said...

Nickelback´s name!!

That is some story they made up there!!