Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel Really Wanted Those Guys Dead!

From the BBC:

UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon contacted Israeli troops 10 times before an Israeli bomb killed four of them, an initial UN report says.

The post was hit by a precision-guided missile after six hours of shelling, diplomats familiar with the probe say.

Still no word from PM Steve? Where are you, Steve, when the IDF murders one of your soldiers and three other good men? We're still waiting! Give us a little hint at least! Or is your opinion still being phoned it from Washington?


Ilia Capitolina said...


If someone directs a child's finger into an electric socket, would you blame the Electric Company for the child's electrocution, or would place the blame on the person that directed that child to put that finger into that electric socket?

The death of the UN persons is the responsibility of those that have placed them and kept them in this war zone. The responsibility lays with Kofi Annan for failing to remove these persons once war started, and even Steve Harper for failing to remove these Canadians when Kofi Annan failed to do so.

Anonymous said...

Kofi Annan is a war criminal and should be charged. He has refused to outlaw Hisbullah as a terrorist organization and colluded with them by refusing to remove unarmed UN troops being used as human shields.

Kofi Annan clearly sacrificed the troops as a means to assist his Hisbullah allies.

Indict Kofi - He lied, soldiers died.

The blood of 1 million Rawandans is already on his hands.

Now there is more.

Ilia Capitolina said...

Btw, fter reading the rest of your entries, I'm pretty convinced that you're either

a] An idiot with a Canadian passport
b] A Jihadi with a Canadian passport
c] A rabid anti Israeli with a Canadian passport
d] All of the above.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...

Just a good Canadian, OW.

And, as I understand it, it would take a meeting of the Security Council to have those troops pulled out. It isn't something Kofi can just do.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah was using these UN guys as human shields.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! If the hezballers is usin' all these civilians as human shields an' they was usin' the UN guys as human shields an' then the Israelis destroyed the shields, howcum they ain't put much of a dent in the hezballers? I hear tell there's jest as many or more rockets landin' in Israel with all them human shields removed as before.

The UN was there an' Olmert sed he'd make sure they weren't targeted. But they was targeted. Now, Olmert sez he's all regretful. The anonynumbnutses commenting here say it ain't regrettable. Guess they figger they know better'n anybuddy, includin' the PM of Israel.

I been wand'rin' 'round the Israeli boogs an' newspaper sites an' there's a lot o' Isralis askin' why their IDF is such a buncha fuckups. They're wond'rin' if their army's got too many bombs an' not enuff brains.

If the IDF is willin' t' eliminate human shields - includin' the UN guys - they oughta be able t' dish out sum punishment t' the hezballers afterward. They ain't gettin' the job done by killin' UN guys an' babies.


Anonymous said...

JimBobby . . . great logic, very impressive. I'd say you are prime to be a star in kiddy-care.

By the way, your mother called, so did your sister. Please return that call.

Ilia Capitolina said...

..they oughta be able t' dish out sum punishment t' the hezballers afterward.


Youz wanna dig out dem boogers from dem 40m Muzziliums and do da countin?

Anonymous said...

Its great that Jimbobby can be so cavalier about a disagreement started with a war crime. Yee haw. No hezballers gettin' it? They're counted among the civilians.

ottlib said...

I find it absolutely amazing that Canadians would defend another nation after they have killed a fellow Canadian.

These UN personnel were not killed by some random person off the street. They were killed by an act of violence perpetrated by an agent of a foreign government.

Whether is was an error or not is beside the point. Yet one more Canadian family is mourning the loss of a loved one, who died as a result of violence and Canadians should be demanding answers as to why it happened and they should be demanding justice if it happened as a result of a deliberate attack or just plain negligence.

If this soldier would have been killed in Canada by someone off the street many Conservatives would be demanding the death penalty. But he gets killed by a member of the IDF and hell no problem, we will blame Kofi Annan, the UN, anybody but the guy that actually dropped the freaking bombs.

You people are pathetic.

Alberta Report said...

10 Times they call and tell them they are endangered. Irish UN staff contacted them 6 times. Bombs hit their base 10 times.

Was it intentional? The collateral damage was not likely intentional, but the attempt to force out UN observers is plainly clear.

Stephen Harper continues to be the cowardly apologist. Stand up for canada? Indeed.

mika2k1 said...

How many calls did Kofi Annan receive? Yet, he insisted on keeping them there, why? Who stood to profit from their remaining there?

Anonymous said...

"I find it absolutely amazing that Canadians would defend another nation after they have killed a fellow Canadian."

And I find it amazing that Canadians would support Hezbollah that strives to overthrow a country. Who REALLY is pathetic?

Annamarie said...

Nothing like blaming the victim, eh? Those of you who do are the truly pathetic ones, just a bunch of sheeple arm-chair hawks. Wonder how many of you would still be spouting such vitriolic nonsense if it would have been Hezbollah hitting the UN post and killing those people, including the Canadian? You would all be calling for Lebanase blood, right? But because it was Israel, you are a bunch of apologists, even though one of our own was lost.

It is you and your ilk that has ended Canada's myth as a "peace-keeping" nation. Hope you are proud of yourselves...

Anonymous said...

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